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The gigs are fewer, but mightier this month, starting with “Emancipation Day” by Paul Novotny, Alana Bridgewater & Robi Botos in Ancaster Ontario. Then I back Sundar Viswanathan as he sings & plays some classic Duke Ellington along side Bossa Novas in Toronto’s castle like “Home Smith Bar”. Finally, I’m backing a real legend in vocalist Alemayehu Eshete. I’ll tell you, he has his own Ethiopiques CD collection, because his catalogue of hits from the ’60’s & 70’s is large. He’s a biggie!

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I play Gretsch Drums and Murat Diril Cymbals and use Headhunter Sticks and Creations exclusively!


Paul Novotny-Alana Bridgewater-Robi Botos
“Emancipation Day”

Sunday August 4th at 7pm
Ancaster Ontario

Sundar Viswanathan
Vocal Jazz - Duke Ellington & Bossa Nova
Friday August 9th from 7:30 - 10:30pm
Home Smith Bar
Old Mill Inn, Toronto

Alemayehu Eshete
Classic Ethiopian Vocal Pop
Location TBA